If you were the symphony of this universe, where all possibilities existed and every molecule could contribute to you what would be possible for you? The symphony of possibilities (SOP) is an energetic transformation work created by Dr. Dain Heer. SOP is your being in communion with the whole Universe..

It’s about knowing, being, tuning into the energy, space and consciousness of infinite possibilities with no judgement. It is a very unique way of transforming limitations into possibilities in perfect harmony with the earth. When you are in a SOP session, all the walls dissolve and the molecules in your body start to change, this change shifts anything that doesn’t allow you to vibrate with the earth in a Symphony of Possibilities..

Almost like this universe of the symphony has been playing all around us but we’ve never heard it. We have created ourselves in this reality in such a way as to buy the most limited points of view of reality instead of embracing the greatest possibilities go beyond this reality.

What if it’s okey actually to start having the life you desire?

What if it’s okey to start embracing the possibilities available that go beyond what your mom and dad knew was possible?

Are you ready for some adventure?



If you could have anything out of this session, what would it be?