Simla Özsezgin

She was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey; At age 4, she started taking ballet classes, later on including modern dance.After she completed Royal Academy of Dance and National school of art, she dedicated her life to teaching various ballet and dance classes, all throughout kinder garden through high school for 14 years. She always knew she could help people find their passion and help them reach their goals with the fabulous rhythmic dance of the body…

In 2006, she moved to the United States with her husband and daughter, where her husband and she opened an Italian restaurant which they still run together in Louisiana. During trying times in life, when she was struggling with homesickness, she started to ask “who is she?” “what is her purpose?”“Is there more to life than this?”“what else could she contribute to her life?”

Then one summer when she was in Turkey, her migraine was unbearable… It came to a point where she was so sick. She tried every treatment and one day, she met with Access Consciousness. After the first session miraculously, she had eliminated all symptoms of a migraine but not just that, she could see that everything in her life had started to change. She began to see the world in a different light. As if she had found exactly what she was looking for..Immediately, there was a shift and transformation occurring within Simla that soon came to be her calling. After taking many Access Consciousness classes she returned to the USA with a lot of happiness and joy, asking how she could contribute this happiness to others lives.

FINDING YOU, the name that the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas gave this magical place, is the place, she has created, where you will find what you have been missing in life and the place to help you find new doors to open to the infinite possibilities.

Today, as a Certified Facilitator, she is traveling all around the world. Giving sessions, doing classes, connecting with other bodies and dancing with the molecules, she continues to change the lives of others and helping people find themselves and contributing them to choose what they want out their lives with her touch…

Her greatest joy comes from creating the space for people to choose their greatness and step into their magic and potency and to be a contribution to expanding consciousness, all around the planet.