One On One

Are you ready to be more confident, energetic and present in your life?

What if you could release everything that is holding you back?

After a session with me, you will leave your session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with simple tools that will help you to release stress in your everyday life and guide you in receiving infinite possibilities I am inviting you to expand your life beyond what you ever imagined possible!


Are you willing to create the life you really like to have? I am ready to create with you!

Now is the time, to book your session!


Bars Session

Bars Session $150

5 session package $600

10 session package $1050 

Body Processes Session

Body Processes  $150

5 Session package $600

10 session Package $1050


SOP Sessions

SOP Session $200

Long Distance Skype Session $200



Energetic Facelift

Enerjetic Facelift  $150

5 Session package $600

10 session Package $1050


Online Coaching Sessions

Online  Session $150

5 online session package $600

10 online session package $1050